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The Face of Jesus In My Soup

Halloween's coming up, and that's rad as fuck.
By far, it's my favorite holiday, just because it's so much different than Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the like.
They're about family, and bonding, and some block of meat in the middle of the table...
But Halloween, damn. Spooky shit, and conning people for sweets. Doesn't get much cooler than that.
Anyway... besides being excited about Halloween, even though I'm not sure what I'm doing yet...
I've been drifting around Philly and the suburbs as per usual, spending my nights at either Scott's or Dan's...
Scott's been kind of distant though... his door is open for me to crash... but we haven't really been talking...
I don't quite know what's going on there. It seems like all my shit is topsy-turvy since Dan went away to school last year.
I was renting his parent's basement for a while, but again, that got boring as hell...
And during that time, it just seems that I've lost touch with everyone and vice versa. Being that everyone lost touch with me... does that qualify as a 'vice versa'?
I'm not too sure... it may not, but other way, you get what I'm saying.
Anyway, regardless of the Scott situation... Dan's place is pretty awesome. Even if it is starting to smell like microwave-fucked-burritos.
I feel bad sticking around for too long though, because it is kind of small...
I'm usually on the couch when I'm crashing there, and again I feel bad because Dan's bed is like... completely broken.
I told him a futon wasn't the greatest idea... but he insisted on it. And now the frame's all bent and unusable.
So... I'm not sure whether to take the couch, and leave him with his futon mattress on the floor, or what...
Whatever. He doesn't seem to mind.
Anyway, I was hoping either Dan or one of his permanent room mates could kind of hook me up with work,
but none of them are working either. Jesus.
There must not be one available position in all of Philadelphia.
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